God, Emotions and Relationships

The early church theologians insisted that God is impassible, by which they meant that he does not suffer, and immutable, by which they meant that he does not experience human emotion. Yet the Bible portrays God as exhibiting a striking range of intense emotions: he sings for joy, expresses jealousy, is incited to anger, responds to worship with pleasure and to rebellion with wrath. Some biblical passages go so far as to state that God changes his mind. Do we need to make a choice between the Bible and orthodox theology on this point?

We are known by God before we were formed in the womb of our mothers; we also have a God that “walks with me and talks with me and calls me His own”. We also have a God who is Alpha and Omega, knowing the start and the end of all that is. God, all perfect and complete, not needing anything, wishes for relationship out of love, but my sin blocks that. So, God sent His Son to pay the price for my sin that was to be mine to pay, and yet, impossible for me to pay. The price now paid all that is needed is for me to come to God, repent and believe that Jesus is the Christ, allowing me the justification to come into God’s presence. Now, I can have a loving relationship and all of heaven will sing.

Many will falsely reject God due to a misunderstanding of the nature of His wrath, saying that a loving God would not exhibit wrath at all. Maybe the word “wrath” is too harsh a word for people these days… what about using the word “punishment”?  Don’t like that one either? How about the word “discipline”?

Discipline, often rejected by moderns, is actually an act of love! You simply will not waste your time correcting and directing with discipline if you don’t love or care for the person. God cares enough to create, to save, guide with discipline, and to prepare a place for His children…all this is Biblical and orthodox! To the question in my first paragraph, there is no division between the Bible and orthodox theology.

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