The Nature of Creation

When in architecture school, we studied the Swiss-French architect Le Corbusier, who studied the physical proportions of the human body and became one of the strongest advocates of the “Golden Ratio” and applied it to his art and architecture. Le Corbusier’s search for a standardized proportion ended in a system he called the “Modulor”, which represented the human scale universally applied to art composition and architecture. This “Modulor”, based on human proportions was found to be a system equivalent to all of natural creation. Le Corbusier felt that human life was “comforted” by this type of mathematics. How does a proportional system so widespread in creation come about? Certainly this is not a serendipity or evolution by-product; can happenstance produce mathematical perfection in nature and in the human body? I believe it to be part of the Grand Master Architect’s “good” design.

The Golden Rectangle, constructed by the rules, then divided by the rules, creates another Golden Rectangle; this then can be repeated to infinity, always creating the same “Golden Rectangle” and the same “Golden Ratio”. Beautiful perfection!

God created each individual animal species and called it good. As an architect who understands form, design, composition, symmetry, color and aesthetics; it is impossible to look at the wonderful designs in nature and believe they evolved from something else as simple happenstance. The sooner scientists look through the eyes of a Christian at God’s creation, the sooner the great destructive evolution debate will disappear.

Each work of creation must reflect a part of the Creator; it is the nature of creation, whether it is an artist, a sculptor, an architect, a musician, filmmaker, writer, or God. Part of the creator is found within the creation, within the created item. When you look at the beauty on this planet, be it a person, a sunset, a flower or a Mandarin Duck, what do you see? Do you see something that has evolved from something else lower than itself, while the creator sits on the sidelines with nothing to do? Or do you see a planned work of art, an individual creation from the Great Creator God? We are created in the image of God. The sooner you see each part of creation as created by God, “individually” one at a time as an important part of the whole masterpiece, the sooner you will respect other life found in the people and animals of this planet, and the less destructive things will be.

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