Can we not be civil and simply disagree?

There was not a conservative that called for the execution of Mr. Obama when he became President; yet, we see the unhinged liberals holding up bloody heads of Mr. Trump and openly calling for his execution…can we not be civil and simply disagree? Apparently not if you are a professor on most any American college campus or a liberal congressman or major media person, all of whom routinely become unhinged and fall into a rant when faced with opposing views. Michael Gerson wrote a nice article entitled “The Reason for Civility”, published January 21, 2011. He writes:

“So what is the source of America’s current civility problem? Is there too much immodest conviction? Or is there too little regard for the value and dignity of others?

 There is no reason that both answers can’t be “yes.” But the second challenge is primary. We need a robust civility that allows for deep and honest disagreements instead of explaining those differences away. In the long run, this is only achievable if Americans believe that their fellow citizens deserve respect, even when they hold absurd political beliefs.”

Friends, this article is over 6 years old, and our civility problems are MUCH worse now! We are all “branches” on a trunk, be it the “Satan Trunk” or the “Jesus Trunk”. The Bible teaches that the wheat and the weeds should be left to grow along side each other and that in time separation of the good from the bad will occur (Matthew 13:24-30). We can show that we are growing with correct and proper nourishment if we can remain civil while holding to our good positions and beliefs. Certainly, people will decide for themselves that they are “wheat”; we don’t need to label the “weeds”…God will sort that out at judgment time…and it is not our role.

The culture would put forward that there are no absolutes; please don’t buy it. This is simply another source of diversion from real truth. It is hard to see in muddy water, so if you want to control others…muddy their water. Of course there are absolutes! To those “branches” growing on the “Jesus Trunk”, we can and should treat all with dignity for we are all created in the image of God. It is the Jesus dance!

The selfish intolerance of others is interesting; it is like if I do it, it is my freedom, but if you do it you are infringing on my freedoms. Wait a minute, I just inadvertently hit on it; it is all about the offended, only their freedoms matter and nobody else…the minority control over the majority.

I guess there is no room for other “branches” on this tree. We have those branches that shut down Christian prayers and symbols in schools, yet promote the study of Islam in public schools. We have those branches that shut down Christian examples of peace & forgiveness, yet wave the signs of hate & bigotry toward the capitalism that made this country great. We have those NPR branches that receive mega-millions of tax-payer dollars every year yet they directly attack the Christian faith. I see intolerance on parade…but since the offense by the minority is not about one of the 90 different genders these days…the Christian majority will continue to be stepped upon! We must continue to show peace as best we can…and pray! Shalom!

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