A world together – Are you wheat or a weed?

A fallen sinful world is desperately in need. Today, to bring up morality or honesty as issues that should be addressed in society, it won’t be long before you experience an emotional push-back as the guilty shouts, “it is none of your business” and “it doesn’t matter anyway”.

A sick world, having fun in their sin, often does not want a doctor, and will reject any suggestion that they are in fact sick. How many times have you seen this play out with drug addicts, and with gambling or alcohol dependency? They always say that they are not sick or that they can handle things; same as most teenagers, but they never do. No one bringing a different message to the sick will be received well. One only needs to look at how Paul was treated on his missionary journeys in 2 Corinthians 11:23-28 to see how he was thrown into prison, whipped, stoned and beaten by those who hated his “Good News” of an available saving grace if they would only repent. The world is blind.

The Bible in Matthew 13:24-30 tells of a parable where the wheat (the good) is growing side by side with the weeds (the bad) and that it should remain so until the day of harvest; otherwise, by trying to remove the weeds, some wheat might be destroyed in the process. Now I don’t know if wheat can ever turn a weed into something good, but I do know that a caring person, by exhibiting the love of Christ, can make a positive difference in the life of a sinner. For once we were all sinners, and now I know I have been saved by the love and sacrifice of a crucified and resurrected Christ who now lives and reigns forever and ever; Christ now serves as my advocate before God. Don’t you also want this?


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