Stand up for Jesus, We Soldiers of the Cross

Recently, I taught a class on Psalm 148. When was the last time you read this psalm?  It is all about praising God. It is about all of nature, the weather, and even the sea monsters praising God! More than that…it is about all the rulers on the earth praising God! Well, it is no secret that the majority do not.

Strangely, now in America, once a Christian nation, the idea of worship has evolved to be more about performance and entertainment, pleasing to the attendees, than true worship of our LORD and Savior. After all, we need people in the pews giving their money to the church.

True worship is not just on Sunday’s either; it should be impacting every sphere of our lives, whereby we remember that we join all of creation, every cosmic corner of the universe, in praising the one Creator. The first question in the Westminster Shorter Catechism asks:  What is the chief end of man? Answer – to glorify God and enjoy Him forever!

Our praise of God is to touch every political structure as verse 11 states. Yet, most churches don’t seem to stand before governments for the Logos of God. After all, we must tread softly and lightly so to not offend anyone; leave politics out of the church, they say. After all, we need people in the pews giving their money to the church.

Where has that position got us today? …empty churches, like in Europe. What do we stand for? What should we stand for? What did Jesus stand for? …to follow the will of God. I think we should do the same…don’t you?


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