It is NOT all about You nor About Me

How do you know that you are sick? Answer: Contrast. If you feel good one day and then feel poorly the next day, you have contrasting feelings and can easily decide the bad day was not as good as the good day, so therefore, you must be sick. Physical health is easy to determine if you are sick or well, but what about mental health? How do know if you have sick ideas, if you are sinning, and if you are lost going the wrong way? You need a benchmark, a datum from which to measure your current activities and thoughts. What happens if that benchmark is sliding? Then you will be unable to effectively measure your current situation. The demons of the world today are winning for now because they have effectively achieved that “slippery slope” where people now say there are no absolutes. It is a relativistic world where anything goes and the majority must cave-in to the demands of the minority; this is a world where sin rules. The road to hell is wide and crowded; the road to Jesus is narrow for He is the only way to redemption from sin (Matt. 7:13+14). So many born-again Christians today believe they should simply pull away from the world so to not be contaminated by the filth. This, of course, is not what Jesus asked us to do; we are to take the Good News of the love, the forgiveness, and the grace of the LORD Jesus to the sinful world (Matt. 24:14).

Once I was a sinner, but now I am saved! Saved, not by my actions or my beliefs or anything else I might have done; saved by grace. From this point we’re talking about my response to my acknowledgement that Jesus saved me. My response is one of thanksgiving…being thankful for receiving such an eternal gift, all while realizing I didn’t deserve it. If you are honest, how can you possibly react in a selfish way to this truth? No, I must do something for Jesus, not to get something but to say thank you. I am saved for relationship, and a relationship is a two-way street. You see, I must develop the realization of receiving a gift that can not be purchased and that I don’t deserve, which in turn empowers me into action. Action to love as Christ loved me. If I am truly saved from my sins, I must come to understand what that means. Once that fact sinks into my thick head, it should cause me to want to share with others the true way, that they too could beware of such salvation and turn toward Jesus. This is what discipleship is. Being a disciple of Christ is not about getting anything; it is about saying thank you!


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