Rejoice and Let the Heavens be Glad

It is no secret that we live today in a world of relativism (believe what you want for it is all the same), no absolutes (who knows what the truth is) and diversity to the point that there are no differences. Once a nation of laws, honesty and integrity where sin was frowned upon, we now have many states are thumbing their nose at Federal law; laws put into place by the same political group now leading the rebellion. How that group lacks morals and fights against God. Groups and governments want to seal your voice and break your freedoms down to control you. So, in this harsh environment, how do we obey God to go out into all the world? (Mark 16:15). Are we afraid of those loud voices in townhall gatherings to not pray in Jesus’ name; the one name they need to bring them out of their turmoil?

When Paul and Silas were thrown in prison for preaching Jesus in the Temple, once released…they went right back to preaching Jesus in the Temple. Psalm 96 verses 3 and 10 tell us to say to the Nations how great the LORD is, for He is King!

So, where are the Godly voices? What are we afraid of? Do you not feel the glory, mercy and forgiveness of the LORD Christ Jesus in your own heart? Don’t you think the unknowing peoples of the Nations should also have a chance at these same great blessings? We are to share “The Good News” gospel for there will come a day like that that Psalm verse 13..”for He is coming to judge the earth. He will judge the world with righteousness, and the peoples with His truth.”

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