The Doctor Is Seeking the Lost

Throughout all time “the good guys” have tried to remove themselves from “the bad guys”. We have tried to make visible separations; the good guys will wear white hats and the bad guys will wear black hats. Religious zealots, no matter the theology, have removed themselves from “the sinners”. John the Baptist lived out in the desert wilderness of Judea. He ate from the desert, locusts and honey, and wore animal skins for clothing. He lived apart from those “lesser people” not so focused, not so devoted. He preached to these other people, calling them out concerning their sins.

 Monks, such as Tibetan Buddhist Monks, have removed themselves from society, often living in remote monasteries, so that “the world” will not taint them or suck them back into the awful filth and sin of the world. While this action did have benefits, such as the translating of religious documents into many different languages, the isolation does not allow “the doctor” to be available to “the patients”.

 Jesus got into trouble with the religious establishment of His day because He “mixed-it-up” with the sinners He encountered. Lepers were thought to be that way due to sin; to touch one was to also make you unclean and a sinner. Rather than separate from these so-called “sinners”, so you would not also become a sinner, we see that Jesus reaching out to the unclean, touching them and making them clean again. The blind were blind by either their own sin or the sins of their parents, so the people thought; the same was felt over those who were lame. What did Jesus do with the blind and the lame? Jesus healed the blind and the lame, most often by touching them! He did not remove Himself from being exposed to their plight; the Bible speaks of the compassion Jesus felt for them because He was there with them and not off in some mountaintop monastery. The tax collectors, because they often cheated people, were thought to be sinners as well. Because He was there walking the same streets, Jesus had fellowship with them, ate dinner with them, made one His own disciple! This “human compassionate sharing” did not sit well with the religious establishment of the day. The Doctor was seeking the lost.


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