Are You Sure the Bible is Man's Work and Not God's?

When was the last time you read the book of Daniel? How about Daniel Chapter 6? Even those non-Christians have heard the Daniel and the Lion’s Den story. Are you sure it is just a story, maybe you think of it as just a kid’s story?

Daniel, now in his 80’s was high in the Darius Kingdom (6:3); for many years he stayed true to Yahweh and yet was most favored by the various kings of Babylon since his exile. His so-called friends, jealous and corrupt, hated Daniel, yet could find no basis to bring charges against him. So they tricked King Darius to issue a decree (6:12) that would get Daniel thrown into the lion’s den. A stone was rolled over the entry to the lion’s den and sealed (6:17). The king went to the den in the morning and found Daniel alive (6:19-22).

The story of Daniel, six centuries before the birth of Jesus, parallels the story of Jesus, high and mighty God, yet falsely accused by evil men who argued that the ruling governor should kill Jesus. The body placed in a tomb, a stone rolled over the entry and sealed. The next available morning, Jesus was found alive.

Lions throughout history are often tied to chaos, evil destroying and consuming, in the universe. Without Jesus the Christ, there too would be evil destroying and consuming the earth and the whole universe which He created. Obviously, these two  events are tied together…the evil men who falsely accused Daniel were thrown into the lion’s den (6:24), and the evil men who falsely accused Jesus, their “lion’s of chaos” never allowed them to see the Messiah they longed for, never for them to receive mercy and grace! Without Jesus, there is death; this is no kid’s story!


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