God can paint a whole different picture for you!

The driest place on earth is said to be the Atacama Desert in Chile. It holds the record for the longest dry spell of 173 months without a drop of rain. In March of 2015, heavy thunderstorms dropped 0.96″ of rain in one day…not much for most of the world, but in this desert it killed 9 people in flooding. Fourteen years of rain in one day, how would any place hold up to a same relative amount? The families of these 9 souls were obviously hard hit by their loss, but something else happened that day.


Billions of malva flowers painting the driest place on earth, a sandy desert, beautifully soft and pink!

Just when we think we are washed away by worry, by pain, by loss; God can and will paint a whole different picture for you! All you need to do is to trust the Great Creator God, that He can turn the driest, deadest, no-life desert within your life into a wonderful beautiful painting! Do more than believe…trust God, because He loves you! If God can paint the Atacama Desert, He can and will paint you to be His poem!

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