As the foundation of a building crumbles, so does the whole building!

We are living in rather scary times; we are seeing the resurgence of the American Socialist Movement. We have had communist or socialist presidential candidates in every  election since the late 1940’s, but they never made to the main stage before now. I guess the problem I have is three fold…1) socialism has never worked, 2) socialism places people in bondage, and 3) socialism is deadly.

Don’t take my word for it; I challenge you to look for the Che Guevara images on flags and signs around the “Occupy Wall Street” protests, around our current social dissent on the American college campus, and the “Black Lives Matter” protests. Who is Che? He was a cold-blooded mass murder Marxist revolutionary in South America. I wonder now college dorm rooms have Che posters on the walls? I’ll bet the number would be shocking! Che shows up on the t-shirts of our young people as well. Recent polls have published that nearly half of our young people think socialism to be desirable.

My point? Who are your hero’s? Who do you chose to follow? As much information as we now have access to on the Internet, we don’t seem to be too bright. Is it our laziness? Is it our rejection of history? Is it because we have dismissed Jesus Christ from having any influence in our country? In the past 3 or 4 decades, we have seen theological scholars and institutions moving away from Christian Orthodoxy concerning the Bible, the Holy Scriptures.  Whether you accept it or not, the Holy Scriptures are our country’s foundation. As the foundation of a building crumbles, so does the whole building.

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