How do You Cook a Live Frog?

America’s once firm foundation, a foundation in God that made this country the greatest on earth, now this foundation is crumbling at a rapid rate. It is all due to the liberal pluralistic road the country has been on for the last 50 years. In a pluralistic society, anything goes; it is all relative where there is no right or wrong. When everything goes, nothing goes; when everything is right, nothing is right. But for the Christian, there are indeed absolutes; there is right and wrong and there is only but one way to God (John 14:6). But as Christianity is being shoved out, and replaced with multiculturalism, the outcome will not be what everyone longs for; a kinder gentler world where everyone is respected and we all coexist peacefully. No, in multiculturalism it will be society paying the price and it will be painful. You see, the tolerance people beg for will not satisfy the fringe groups; it will not be enough. No, all the various fringe groups will want the main body of society, the majority, to philosophically agree with these minority groups. America now forces the 99% of citizens to bend to the wants and wishes of the 1%. This can never work; this will fail…what is fair is now vapor. Truth, absolutes, solid foundational structures will all be stretched to the breaking point with little support. The frog is about to be cooked.

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