Jesus is the Way – Part 1 of 2

On one business trip to Denver, I was returning back to Denver International Airport in one of those blue shuttle vans. The driver was a very nice Muslim man. Being very kind, he shared his faith with me and was very direct and inflexible with respect to its doctrine. I actually found his discourse interesting and I learned directly what his belief actually was; so often people make assumptions as to what a different religion’s dogma is…I was getting Islam direct from a caring non-hostile Muslim…actually his dialog was very interesting. I shared my faith, though it was a little hard to get a word in edgewise; he certainly disagreed with me about who Jesus was/is and about Jesus being the only way to heaven. At the end of the van ride, standing beside the vehicle, he removed my bag and we actually hugged each other in “two-way” friendship. While we had shared our thoughts, neither one was changed in our beliefs. There were no sharp hateful disagreements, as I see among my most hostile, blood-pressure-spiking liberal brethren who would violently attack my politics. With this Muslim man, we experienced a nice exchange and I felt Jesus would agree with the way I handled myself…don’t bend as a reed in the wind but in all things, love. Allow the Holy Spirit to fill you and listen for the Spirit to tell you what to say. In order to be calm and loving with those who disagree with you requires your preparation. Build a firm foundation. You have to know what it is you believe in and be solid enough in that belief that there is no erosion of your theology. When you feel erosion is when you feel attacked; then the self-defense mechanisms set in and blood pressure goes up. This type of preparation will only come to you by you giving Jesus the preeminence in your life; put Jesus first and you will be supported like no other.

Part 2 (next week) will present the foundational facts to know the truth…I realize not everyone will embrace my Biblically based and historical theology.

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