Why the Buzz Over Sustainability?

I have been told that the “Millennial Generation” is locked in on anything “sustainable”. If a program, a retail product or a politician uses that word, it is sure to get the attention of the millennial person. Why? Do they think the world is that delicate? Maybe they do. Are they that delicate? No, they are not delicate, they care about things. It is just that their heads have been filled with the climate change propaganda which is being pushed to control people’s thoughts and actions. Don’t believe me? Have the ice caps melted and flooded the coastal cities as we were told decades ago? We’ve experienced all the “global warming” warnings, except there has not been any warming for decades. Did we have the predicted ice age in the 70’s? These scare tactics are all about controlling people.

The world has been going on for some 6,000 years through all kinds of normal environmental and geological impacts, thousands of volcano eruptions, normal climate swings…all of which are much larger than the people on this planet can dish out. Do you think so little of God’s creation that it can not stand the impacts of foolish man? We are called to be good stewards of God’s creation; we are not called to replace God’s ownership.

Those worshipping at the idol of sustainability are doing the very same thing as those building the Tower of Babel, so long ago; trying to reach and be equal to God. What arrogance! I am sure some of you are saying, well what’s wrong with being careful, to recycle, to keep the environment clean, etc.? To which I say, absolutely nothing! I have been active in energy conservation, recycling and resource reuse for over 45 years! The problem I am trying to articulate is that a once worthwhile effort has now become political, a way to control people’s actions and their free speech. It has become devoid of any common sense and balance.

“Green” has become just an advertising gimmick. LEED paperwork cuts down more trees than the worthless government program saves. Sustainability has become the next generation’s buzz word, yes, but I fear it is becoming the world’s newest idol of worship.

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