Are You Guilty Because You Ignore Things?

As it is said, any dead fish can float downstream. Going with the flow is the easy way out; sometimes I want to take that path. No one in their right mind wants to take the hard road all the time, but we Christians follow Christ that took the hardest road for each of us. God hates sin! Something has to be done with sin. Christ took our sins and made them His own and thus paid the price for them. That is why Jesus said on the cross, “Father, why has Thou forsaken Me?” Because God can not look upon sin; this is the sacrifice Christ made for all the world. He redeemed the world (paid the price) for the sins of mankind. The next move is ours to make.

The question is: What will our response be to such an undeserved gift? Time for you and me to wake up, pray, and follow the nudging of the Holy Spirit; what am I going to do? What are you going to do? To ignore things and look the other way makes us as guilty; so we must stand in the breach and be strong. Sometimes in the course of business one can be exposed to some “shady dealings” from one part of the team; sometimes that team member is the government. You may think to look the other way, but you fear you may never get another project with that organization so you keep your mouth shut. We often hear what happens to whistle blowers in the evening news cast. This lack of action to a known infraction makes you as guilty. Does voting for a criminal make you a criminal? Something to think about…any dead fish can float downstream.  


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