God’s Revelation is Always Present

When I was around 12 years old, I knew there was a God and that there was something much more great, much more powerful going on than what little I heard in church. Don’t get me wrong, I desired to hear the sermons, but I knew somehow there was so much more. I wanted to be holy! I set up an old footlocker in my closet, got a candle, a cross and a Bible. It is said that we are born with a sense of divinity; I believe it. So why do so many reject that there is a God? Romans 1:20 tells us God is revealed in His creation, so people are without excuse..they can’t say that no one told them about God.

My first book, I Am, the Great Creator GodAmazon Books, was written to help people see how great how real God is by having the eyes to see His wonderful creation in a much different way. From the first century, people have tried to alter the truth, create their own revisions (heresies), and reject outright that God exists or that God is in fact the Creator of all creation. All relationships have their source and origin in either the acceptance or rejection of the knowledge of God. But to reject something, don’t you first have to acknowledge that “the something” first must exist?

M. Eugene Boring & Fred B. Craddock wrote a wonder way to understand this issue of knowing God in “The People’s New Testament Commentary”, referencing Romans 1:20-21:

“The revelation of God in the created world could be compared to radio waves, which are always present, whether people are ‘tuned in’ or not. But the situation Paul describes is not that ‘waves’ are present but we have no ‘receiver’. Rather, our situation is that the radio waves of God’s revelation are always present; we do have a receiver, we have heard, we didn’t like what we heard and not only switched off the set but unplugged it, with no possibility of switching it back on ourselves. God’s revelation is universally present, but we cannot hear because we will not.” 

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