Goodness IS Out There; Let's Share it

Everyone knows that bad news sells; we see bad news heaped upon us on every news broadcast and every newspaper. But do we realize what that does to the mindset of our young and old? While there is a place to report on what is going on in the world and down the street, a full diet of mayhem, hate and destruction will turn a person sour. It will cause them to tune-out or over-react in retaliation. The old will worry about the world and regret their part in making it so terrible, when they had nothing to do with it. The Bible tells us to set our minds on the good things above [God] and not on earthly things (Col 3:2). We are told to not worry (Luke 12:22 & 29); that God cares about you, for He has already redeemed you (Luke 1:68) and the blood of Jesus is your salvation if you will only accept it (Hebrews 9:28). This is the news we should be telling those who are hurting and feeling alienated in our country and in the world.

Rather than reportive journalism, I think this “crisis news structure” is intended to be a way to control the population; if the news, which historically has been 95% liberal, labels everything a crisis, then people will believe destruction is eminent and we need the government to do something about it. This only grows government and stirs up the people. Often the problems are caused by government and then the misinformed people plead for the government to provide a fix. This makes no sense.

What do you suppose brings more positive benefit to a culture…negative terrorizing news or positive uplifting “people are doing good things” news? Please don’t buy in to the notion that everything is a crisis…it isn’t. The air is cleaner. There are more forests. There is no danger of polar icecaps melting, etc. etc. The crisis-mongers are only trying to control people; a simple trip back in history will show that this is not a new tactic for population control.

The child’s book, “The Little Engine that Could” tells the story of over-coming an obstacle with the help of a positive attitude…an attitude that says your glass is half-full, not half-empty. How much more could we do to benefit our young people and our elderly with that can of attitude… especially when empowered by the love of God? Think about this the next time you are in a conversation with a young person or the elderly. Ask them what they think of the world today, and then be prepared to tell them the truth. Goodness is out there, but you must look for it.

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