Syncretism will kill us!

In the Old Testament times, most made a living with agriculture. There was a constant temptation to worship the fertility gods in hopes of bringing in a good crop. What do we worship today? Could our culture be too occupied with money, sex, power, and beauty?  What about our fixation on having everything immediately? If we don’t want to wait on the LORD, then maybe we will try to save ourselves by blending religions (something has got to work). Humanism? Relativism?

In the first six verses of the Biblical book of Zephaniah, we read that the sinners to be consumed on the “Day of the LORD” are the ones who turned their back on the LORD and those that divided their worship between God and their “made-up” gods. On that day of wrath, there will be ruin, anguish and devastation. To escape God’s wrath, humbly seek only the LORD Jesus!

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