Look how “hands” are used in the Bible.

Cain struck Able with his hands.

Joseph’s brothers used their hands to strip him and throw him into a well. Later, those same hands were held open to receive grain from Joseph when they were starving; and it was Joseph’s hands that embrace his brothers and gave them food to survive.  Just look at what we do with our hands for good or for evil.

Jesus’ hands were perched for our transgressions. He was wounded & killed because of our sinfulness.  His hands were spread out on that evil cross to bring us to Him and for our eternal salvation.

We see people recognizing Jesus only when He opens up His hands…the Road to Emmaus, or in the Upper Room, etc. We see how He touched people and healed them, raised them up from the dead, etc.  Jesus touched the soldier’s ear and restored it after it was cut off during Jesus’ arrest.

Now, juxtapose Jesus’ hands with our own…What about our hands? Where have they been?

On a positive note, our hands have:

  • Loved, embraced, gently soothed, and wiped away tears
  • Lifted up the fallen, picked up heavy loads and supported the weak
  • Built things, provided shelter and been physically constructive
  • Our hands have removed threat and evil to bring peace to others
  • Supported the sick and hurting, created healing methods and been tender
  • We have used our hands to raised up our families, supported & defended our children, protected them, and provided food and shelter

But our hands have also:

  • Stolen what doesn’t belong to us
  • Hurt and hit and caused injury to others
  • Been dirty (not constructively as in building things) and supported unclean sinful practices and things
  • Our hands have been clinched in a tight fist and raised up to produced hate, anger, and damage on people
  • Our hands have supported evil practices and evil people

Maybe we can actually say that we are known by our hands and what we do with them.

As He told us to do, do you come before Jesus on the kneeling rail, holding out your hands for His body and His blood so as to be in communion with Him?

Do you reach out your hand unselfishly to support and love another? Do you look at your own hand and say to yourself, what am I doing with these for the good of Jesus, for the good of others, and for the good of myself (in order to be able to keep doing good for Jesus)? Do I use my hands to turn the pages of the Bible in order to know His will for my life?

Look down at your hands and say to yourself, “what am I doing with these”? What shall I do with these hands today; will I do good or will I do evil with my hands today?

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