Christian Persecution – Part 3

While many parts of the world have violent and deadly Christian persecution events, in parts of Europe and North America, our persecution is subtle and deadly. Diversity is one of those words with two agendas. We Christians welcome all people because Jesus redeemed all people by His blood on the Cross; all you have to do is repent of your sins and accept Jesus as your LORD and Savior. So diversity is a good thing in the family of God. The other agenda revolving around the word diversity is deadly. There can be no diversity of thought about who Jesus is; to blend Christianity with anything else is sinful, yet this is exactly what many are trying to do and force upon us. Endorsed by some big names in Christian circles, the Yale Divinity School’s 2008 Muslim-Christian dialog initiative, has been growing to what is being called “Chislam”, is one such blending that is currently spreading across the country. Those desiring to accept a “Chislam” blending do not in themselves, persecute Christians; the persecution comes when Christians are judged as bigots for not accepting a heresy.

Published in “Take A Stand Ministries”:

“Chrislam, which purports to join Islam and Christianity into one harmonious, synthesized religion, is fast becoming a rallying point in some American church circles. Under the leadership of something called “Faith Shared,” two organizations, Interfaith Alliance and Human Rights First, spearheaded an event loosely called “Chrislam Sunday” on June 26, 2011. It was celebrated by dozens of churches nationwide as joint Christian-Muslim services were held in various Methodist, Episcopal, Presbyterian, Church of Christ, Unitarian Universalist, Catholic, Lutheran, Congregational, Baptist and other denominations and groups.”

Christianity is monotheistic and believes in one God in three persons, the Trinity, that Jesus is fully human and fully divine. Islam rejects both the deity of Christ (Sura 5:17) and His death on the Cross (Sura 4:157-158) because they don’t see how God would allow Himself to be crucified and die. To force diversity of thought on us (we must be accepting of all religions, gay marriage, forced payments for abortions, forced acceptance that mankind is as powerful as God to change climate) is therefore, a persecution of Christians. We already have high level federal bureaucrats wanting to lock up climate change nay-sayers, and levy heavy fines on private business that don’t accept so-called alternative lifestyles. If you are thrown into prison for your beliefs or fined out of business over subjective thought, then you are being persecuted for your faith…right here in a country founded on religious freedoms. Wake up American Christians!

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