Christian Persecution – Part 1

Christians are being beaten and murdered everyday in China, Belarus, Iraq, Indonesia, Pakistan, and Nigeria, and we just look the other way. These persecuted Christians all have names and families; they simply want what you and I want…peace, to work, to take care of their families, have a future and to worship Jesus Christ as their personal LORD and Savior.

Pick up any issue of the “Voice of the Martyrs” magazine and you’ll find stories like Hasani, a garbage collector in the city of Mokattam, Egypt. Page four of the November 2011 issue has this text:

“Minutes later, a group of men surrounded his truck and forced him to stop. “Are you a Muslim or a Christian?” one shouted at him. “I’m a Christian,” Hasani replied. “Then they grabbed me,” Hasani says. “They dragged me out of the truck. They stripped me naked and began to beat me. They used a machete to hit me on my face, arms and legs.”

Hasani barely survived the brutal attack from men representing a religion of peace…at least that is what we keep hearing. Hasani is in pain everyday, he can’t work, he is not safe but he can’t leave the country that is extremely hostile to him; all he wants is to get back to work collecting garbage so he can take care of his family. Can we Americans relate to Hasani? I think not; at least, not yet. We should have more compassion; governments don’t see faces but we Christians should. In our laziness, we believe our tax dollars are doing the work of dollars once given to churches for ministry and outreach, so now we turn our backs on the individual sufferings. Governments are not compassionate, never have been. Governments should do much less and we “church-goers” should do much more. What keeps a man like Hasani going? We had better learn, because it is all coming to our fact, it is already here…look for Part 2.

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