"No Absolutes" is of the Devil

It has been said that Dr. Laura, the popular radio host, has received a large volume of hate mail for believing in moral absolutes. She is asked to be more tolerant of other moral views, but the haters won’t be tolerate of her views.

There most certainly are moral absolutes and absolute truth. The world would have you believe otherwise. Yes, there is absolute right and wrong; but the world would suggest there are a myriad of right and wrongs, who can say which is correct? If you belong to this group, try asking yourself why you want to believe in a world of no benchmarks, no datums, a world of chaos. Would you tolerate a person wrecking your house, because he must have a reason for doing what he is doing?

In the world of the “political correctness virus”, we have many saying things like: “we can’t be sure of the true meaning”, or “we are all headed to the same place”, “who’s to say what is right or wrong” or “don’t take a position on anything for you might just find that you are wrong 20 years from now”. Christian orthodoxy has been around for over 2000 years and has not faltered or run-aground. Christian Orthodoxy has stood up to intense scholarly scrutiny and yet remains intact. Now, fitting right into this mess, comes the so-called “The Emergent Church” where the leaders and their followers are that lukewarm mush found in Revelation 3:15-16, openly saying they can not be sure of Biblical Truth. Are you going to bet your eternity on a recent manmade political position or on the word of God, written by God through eyewitnesses (John 21:24)?

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