Men Need to Man Up With Manly Virtue!

Who hasn’t heard the saying, “boys will be boys”? What does that mean? Does it mean that when a boy does something stupid or destructive then it is okay because it is in their nature? Boy, does that set the bar in a low position! What is the difference in a young boy forced to raise his younger sisters because his parents are MIA, and a boy simply running around pulling a girl’s “doggy-ears”? Obviously, the former is not in the boy’s nature! But my response would be…it is in his “structure”.

Suzanne Fields, of the Washington Times, wrote a November 18, 2011 article entitles, “When Manly Virtue Died”, a portion follows:

“These are difficult and perilous times for boys. A distorted culture has robbed them of virtue to measure themselves against. The good once associated with masculinity in a patriarchal society has been tossed out with the bad. This, alas, is the era of feminist ascendency. Manhood is more easily mocked, satirized and derided, or exposed for its villainy, exploitation and criminality, than held up as an ideal for boys to aspire to. We’ve always had rogues, rascals and villains, but until now we’ve also had a baseline, a common denominator, of what it means to be a man. Male-female cultural distinctions, once blurred, now are disappearing.”

This is not a new earth-shattering view-point, no; it is as old as the hills. Our culture has so relaxed any structure that now we have a world of spineless, delicate, easily-offended people that expect to never have a worry or a problem. Our culture has fallen to the low point of expectation of never ever being a offended by anyone. An impossible and unrealistic position yet made the current day norm by unthinking selfish and stupid people.

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