Can We Get Back to Being an Honorable Country Again?

In an ESPN interview at Texas Motor Speedway September 21, 2008, drag racer John Force commenting about his upcoming first round race with competitor Cruz Pedregon, said:

“Cruz is a great competitor and on his game, he’s got a great hotrod, but I’ve got a great hotrod too, so it will be up to me. My legs are fixed [they were damaged from a horrific accident at the same speedway the year before], no more excuses. I’m going to give it all I have and if Cruz beats me then I just get whooped. But Cruzer, we’re gonna dance today! He will try to beat me and I will try to beat him…that is what we do.”

[checkout my article. “Force Honesty”]

As it turned out, John did beat Cruz that first round by 7/100ths of a second, only to meet up with his daughter, Ashley in round two. Ashley beat her dad off the line but disqualified by crossing the centerline, allowing John to go on to the third round. Tim Wilkerson beat John in round three and then beat Cruz’s brother Tony in the finals.

So, what’s the point you say?…what?…you don’t care about drag racing? That’s un-American! Just kidding…The point is this: We [the world] are dying in a state of “no responsibility” and the idiotic blame game! Just as spoiled children, if you don’t have what you want, you whine about it. You blame others for your situation, or blame the dog that ate your homework, the teacher yelled at you, you don’t have a father, and your sister hates you, and besides, it is too windy and cold out there! Businesses complain about competition, saying we need regulations, and then they complain about government regulations. The mother blames the father, the father blames the mother, and the child blames who ever is left standing. Families disintegrate, break up, and find themselves in even worse difficulty drowning in the quagmire of the whole multiple extended family fiasco. I suppose this stupid “blame game” started in the Garden of Eden as Adam blamed Eve and Eve blamed the snake; it has been going on ever since. God kicked Adam and Eve out of the Garden before they could eat of the Tree of Life, thus being condemned for eternity in their sinful state. This was an act of salvation by God, not anger but the desire for a loving relationship with His created.

Today, there is no patience, no “staying power”, and certainly no sense of humor. People expect perfection when it is clearly impossible; it is a world clearly unsustainable. One minor failure and people cry foul; is there an Edison out there willing to fail 6,000 times for a new idea? Frivolous lawsuits “steal” money from insurance companies who say it is cheaper to pay off the bandits rather than fight them; meanwhile the businesses pay the higher insurance price and pass it along to consumers. Higher education institutions sit on massive endowment accounts, pay salaries for non-teaching tenured professors, and whine to bureaucrats for tuition hikes that shut more and more people out of getting educations, thus adding to the dumbing-down of America.

I am trying to compare two sides here…what is wrong with America against what made America great. Is it idealism to think it possible to find our way back to be a strong honorable country again?

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