God’s First Gift – Asymmetry

Since God dwells in perfection, there must be a perfect environment that is beyond any of our categories of understanding. Knowing there was both matter and antimatter created, one can easily see that if you had a balanced situation then there would be a perfect symmetry between matter and antimatter, each cancels each other out and you have…? You cannot say there is nothing, because there is indeed something! Our definitions of reality breakdown at this point, but one thing is for sure, it has to be a perfect state of being. In this perfect realm, there is no need for forces or laws or time or any dimensions to measure with. Perfection! Our world is not this world so something must create an imbalance, an asymmetry, to have something physical that can be touched and sensed. To a finite creature, what good is a gift if you can’t see it or touch it or sense its beauty? Nature itself cannot create the imbalance, by definition, Nature doesn’t exist yet. Coming out of perfection, how can the asymmetry get started to have this physical gift for us? This action must take an all-powerful Creator. It is from this balanced perfection position that God created “ex nihilo”!

 In the realm of balanced perfection, God has no need to “do” anything, unless God wants something. God, desiring to be in loving relationship with us, gave us a gift, a most unbelievable gift. It was God’s first gift to us, the gift of asymmetry! God kicked things off in the Big Bang, “Let there be light”, and continued His creative involvement by designing and creating every little quark to every large galaxy. This joyful creative effort includes you and me, my brothers and sisters.

We are so very limited in our ability to “see” the 7 divisions within the electromagnetic spectrum; we are limited to understanding only 3 physical dimensions with little sense of the miraculous. God’s creative actions are a reaching down to create a perfect “Garden” for us, for the purpose of seeking relationship with us. This creative effort is borne out of perfection, but it is not a “forced perfection” on us, where would be the love in that? We are not chained to a wall, with limitations only controlled by God. We are free to listen to the snake and eat that apple. God is not interested in having a relationship where He controls “the prisoners” of “The Garden”. We can blindly go day to day not listening to God’s instructions and doing our own thing, thus breaking trust and relationship. But beware, maybe one day you will look over your shoulder to see God’s bright light; what a wonderful light, a light you can believe in. I know God wishes to share a loving walk. It will be a loving walk in “The Garden” with us, oh, that would be so wonderful…that is, if we don’t mess it up again!


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