A Sad State: Hate & Violence Get You Noticed

Can we not focus on the good behavior in our culture? One action absolutely killing our society is the unbridled desire to be noticed. Young people lash out to be noticed. Adults do the same as they strive for their 15 minutes of fame. It is nearly impossible to evade the police in a car, but it is attempted everyday. Why? Don’t tell me, “to get away from the police”…what baloney! With the electronics we have today and helicopters overhead, you will never get away. No, it is about being noticed because your trashy life has no meaning and you’re selfish. You are a slave to yourself.

Bullying is big in the news. There have always been bullies; I was bullied in Junior High School by High School seniors. After a month long experience of terror, it ended in a unavoidable fist-fight in the school building. I didn’t start it but I got expelled for three days anyway; my parents were proud of me just I dealt with it. I handled the problem; it was over. Today, it is different. The kids seem to be meaner; gone are the days of a simple fist-fight for today guns get pulled. The kids today are not allowed to handle the problem so there is no growth in how to deal with problems. “Helicopter parents” swoop in to protect little Johnny, who then becomes even weaker and unable to cope with life’s pressures which will always be a part of everyone’s existence. If left alone, it can have awful consequences such as suicide. A 15 year old boy having trouble in school in Oklahoma City hanged himself. Tragic permanent solutions to temporary problems, we must wake up and see what we are doing to our children.

Torn by the tragic suicide of Rutgers University freshman who was the apparent victim of an invasion of privacy when a fellow student allegedly used a hidden camera to stream the freshman’s sexual liaison over the Internet, author Marybeth Hicks wrote an article on October 13, 2010, entitled “Advice for Parents of Bullies”, a portion follows:

“Supposedly, bullies behave aggressively toward others because they themselves lack self-esteem, or because they seek to fulfill a need for power that perhaps is missing at home. They ought to be excused to a degree because they only act on emotional needs for which they’re not responsible. Therefore, the expert says, don’t make matters worse. Rather than condemn the bully, teach him to be empathetic towards others, especially those who are different.

 It’s time to reconnect children’s behavior to their character. The parents of bullies need to condemn both their children’s’ actions and the character it reflects by speaking the truth: “You are turning into a bad boy. Your words and actions are mean and they prove that you have developed a cruel and unkind heart.”

These parents are not fully engaged in their children’s development; they believe their children would never do such a thing, as they desert their kid and race off to some social function, or tune out their kid by watching TV. The bully is lashing out wishing to be noticed; the glossing over of their hateful actions is picked up by them in a heartbeat, reflecting parental weakness and a lack of love. Take the wood from your tree and build a firm foundation for your children. With deep love in your heart, stop over protecting your child’s trashy behavior and start holding them accountable for their actions. Be a parent or don’t have children.

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