The Big Bang – Part 2 of 2

To our omnipotent multidimensional God could not “the light” mean anything in the whole electromagnetic spectrum? Yes, of course! To say God can’t deal with all 7 divisions in the spectrum is silly when it was He that created them! So the discussion in the previous pages on Elementary Particles and Quantum Leaps suddenly takes on all new importance in our understanding of God’s creative act. Now most scientists will not see God’s hand in making all this come about, therefore all the nonsense of the “evolution invention”; they must explain it away somehow. More importantly to me is my wish for my Christian brothers and sisters to see the richness, the beauty, the mathematical depth, and the perfection that is God’s created Universe. Once you start to see things, lightly dusted with scientific fact, you will gain a whole new appreciation for the Universe, and the idea of a “Big Bang” will not automatically cause you to throw a defensive wall of rejection. The “Big Bang” is purely God’s activity! We Christians know of God’s love and believe in the Messiah, Christ Jesus, without the need for physical proofs; Jesus said “Thomas, do you have faith because you have seen Me? The people who have faith in Me without seeing Me are the ones who are really blessed!” (John 20:29, LB). But how much more would you be empowered to preach the Gospel if you saw God’s creation through a different set of glasses? How exciting, instead of having a defensive rejection, would the richness be if you allowed a little science to sweeten your drink?

 It is my belief the “Big Bang” is the same as God saying “let there be light”! Scientists are working to find answers by moving back in time toward the Big Bang; I on the other hand, started my search by standing before the Big Bang and then moving forward in time. While this approach makes perfect sense to me, it does take one huge quantum leap…a leap of faith in believing that God is real and that God is the Creator of the Universe. Sadly, many will blindly not accept this supposition even after digesting all the previous chapters of this book…in that I would have failed. The fact of the matter is, we all believe; it takes a belief in something else to not believe in God. How rigid we can become as we stand on made up agendas instead of remaining open to learn by coming face-to-face with real Truth.


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