Integrity – Either You Have it or You Don't

Friends, it gets down to checking your gut. What is inside? Are you dead or alive inside? A tree will easily break when it is dead inside; likewise, a tree will bend when alive and filled with nourishment. When a tree is alive, it will seek light for its canopy. In other words, a live tree will seek to be more alive! In a forest, as a tree seeks life (light), it will become stronger; the weaker trees often suffer stunted growth as their canopies can’t capture as much light. A choice to grow and become more alive takes work; for stunted growth, one only needs to sit there. The question remains: Will you be one to deliver “useful wood”, or will you be one to deliver “trash”? As the saying goes, any dead fish can go with the flow of the stream. What will your choice be? Will you swim against the current found in this fallen world, taking a better less traveled direction?

Do you run a stop light because others do? Maybe you should rob a bank because others do…no? So, I guess it is okay to run the stop light but not rob the bank then. Sounds like you are drawing a line between the two? Who tells you where to draw the line? Is it your own common sense? Frankly, if you subscribe to this kind of decision-making, then I don’t believe you have much common sense. My point is this, you either act on your own integrity or you don’t; there is no “drawing the line” at some artificial point where it is okay to let down your integrity and then pick it up again. Once laid down, integrity rarely comes back.

“All men cheat” is a lie and a most stupid excuse. The question is, do you have integrity or not? Either you do or you don’t…period. There is no such thing as “private integrity” or “public integrity”. If you have integrity then it will show privately or publicly just the same; you can not turn it off and on, if turned off integrity will always fall away. Oh, you may fool people for a short time, but the truth will always come out eventually. You know this is true; the real test of a properly nourished person is what do they do when they are alone? What do you do when no one is looking?

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