What is the Upside of Non-Belief? No Structure, No Form, Chaos of Course!

Sticking with the tree metaphor…if your tree is to produce good things, then it must receive good nourishment. Structure is also important. What would happen if everybody was left to establish the point where they would follow societal structure or where it was okay to break those laws? As with the Laws of Thermodynamics and the four grand forces of the universe, everything is held together with a planned God-designed structure, but left alone without this structure; one would have chaos and no form. So too with the world’s cultures, if we don’t have “a good structure”, then we’ll have the deadly chaos of all the genocidal dictators of history and today. The “Black Lives Matter” group wants to do away with all police; what do they want? Anarchy? Without the structure of reinforced societal laws, we would have anarchy and chaos. Thinking from a spiritual point of view, this is where the atheists have no worthwhile structure or position. What is in it for them to attack Christianity, anyway? Why not just keep quiet and let each side exist on their own turf? If I am wrong in my faith, it doesn’t hurt them. What skin is it off their nose for me to believe in God and they don’t? I don’t attack them. Why do they attack me? Maybe they have such a weak structure, that they desire reinforcement from a like band of non-thinkers.

The correct answer lies in the fact that they are dry inside; there is no rich nourishment in an atheist; they are “desert people”, dryer than any 100 year old white bone. Just what is the reward for believing in atheism? Yes, it takes faith to not believe in God just as it does to believe in God. Actually, in my opinion, besides faith to not believe, it takes a willingness to not open your eyes, to not believe in God because God’s creation reveals its Creator (Romans 1:20 and Psalm 19). The heavens reveal the glory of God; you can deny it all you want but it still remains right in front of your nose!

8 thoughts on “What is the Upside of Non-Belief? No Structure, No Form, Chaos of Course!

  1. Speaking of an unwillingness to open ones eyes, have you not noticed that secular people are perfectly capable of discussing ethics and politics without calling on a God and without descending into lawlessness like what you describe?


    1. Okay, so what is the foundation of your ethics? Simply what you believe is correct? Do have a datum that is moving all the time, in my opinion; it is based on the culture of the moment. This is no real foundation for solid ethics. “On this solid rock I stand…” God’s foundational Logos has stood the test of time. Can those without God get it right? Sometimes. Thank you for taking the time to comment on my post…it is truly appreciated! Blessings!


      1. It’s very nice of you to guess what my ethics are. It’s not based on the culture of the moment at all. It is based on a free and open discussion about what is good. Yes, it does change; it improves.
        God’s ethics have not stood the test of time at all: slavery, racism, sexism and the oppression of homosexuals and outspoke-children are all decreasing, while religious tolerance is increasing. God’s ethics have been left behind in favour of an open and free discussion.


  2. There are only two datums…God’s and the culture. Your so-called “free and open discussion” is a slippery slope, not foundational rock. You are not learned in the Bible or you wouldn’t say that God’s ethics support slavery, racism, and sexism; the Bible speaks to quite the opposite! In an age where people establish their own basis of what is right and wrong, based on “feelings” of tolerance, we are heading for chaos; there is indeed an absolute right and wrong, and syncertism is endangering this foundational fact.


    1. Slavery, racism, sexism and the oppression of homosexuals and outspoken children are all endorsed by God. It most certainly is not the Bible that has allowed us to do that. It is an open and rational discussion.
      There may be passages in the Bible that imply overturning slavery and racism and sexism and oppression. But there are passages that explicitly command and endorse them. The only reason we listen to the ‘nice’ bits and not the ‘bad’ bits is thanks to open and rational discussion. It’s by no means perfect, but it’s a considerable improvement on taking it directly from the Bible.
      Can you actually demonstrate that having an open and rational discussion about ethics has lead to poorer ethics? Are more secular countries worse? And more religion countries (or American states) better?


  3. Slavery, racism and sexism are certainly NOT endorsed by God; how in the world can you even think that way. All are created equal in God’s sight…we are ALL created in the image of God. I am tired of all those persons wanting to support their own beliefs by claiming the Bible supports slavery. The slavery in the Bible cannot be equated to the American fight against the slavery earlier in our history; they are on complete opposite poles. They are clearly not on equal footing. Reading about slavery in the bible requires a firm understanding on the context in which it is written.

    Can a non-believer in God be a good person? Of course, Gandhi is a perfect example. All I am trying to say is that over history the culture changes and thus so does its idea of what ethics are to be. The only ethical foundation that has never changed has been and is, God’s Word written in the 10 Commandments. These 10 statements are the foundation for how your relate to God and how you relate to others. Everything else is fabrication…which may be good or may be bad…but this now depends on the individual’s heart.


    1. Thou shalt not covet they neighbours … wife … or manservant? Keep the Sabbath Holy?
      You know God tells people that one can keep slaves from the foreigners around them and treat them as badly as they want so long as they don’t kill them? The slave owners may beat their slaves, people they have taken from the foreigners around them. That’s Biblical.
      You know unruly children are meant to be stoned to death? As are homosexuals?

      The fact is you do not take your morality from the Bible. You take it from culture. And culture is steeped in the Enlightenment values of open and free discussion.


  4. Thank you for your comments. You have not understood a word I have said; I see that you are not interested in learning the truth about the Bible because you have your mine all made up to support the “feelings” you have…facts apparently won’t matter. Peace.


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