Perfection and Order Just Don't Happen on Their Own…Yes, Martha, There is a Creator!

There is a wonderful order to the cosmos, from the pulsar stars, with clocklike “pulsing” as slow as every 4 seconds and as fast as 30 times a second, to the always dependable speed of light. Astronomer Herbert Friedman said of the pulsars, they are “one of the most marvelous pieces of architecture in the Universe.” Actually, the “pulsing” is really a wobbling of the star’s axis as it sends out radio signals…anyway, accurate world clocks can be set to their measure. For additional facts about the order within the cosmos, we need only turn to the First Law of Thermodynamics, formulated by William “Lord Kelvin” Thomson in 1851. The law, also known as the “principle of conservation of energy”, is simple: Energy, the ability to exert a force over a distance, is a quantity that can neither be created nor destroyed. It can change forms but not the total amount. So then, where does energy come from in the first place? In light of the simplistic nature of the four natural energies, and the even more simple “unified theories”, it is inconceivable that energy would always be here…not in a world that moves toward chaos when left alone. No! God in the Big Bang created energy. Energy is a God gift to us. Energy is how we have “things”. Energy itself is a proof of order in the Universe. Electrostatic repulsion and attraction, the play of the elementary particles, nuclear forces, radioactivity and decay, wave-particle duality, gravity, and magnetism didn’t just evolve. God created all these in a perfect orderly plan that works with mathematical precision in the most beautiful design imaginable. There is no way we can define or get our arms around the full beauty of God’s plan, not with our human limitations; it is much more than human imagination! This, of course, is where we lose our scientist friends, for saying there is something beyond definition is simply not good enough…it must be mastered and understood…but I say that God’s actions cannot be and I like it that way!

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