We DO have choices, regardless of circumstance! Don’t follow the nay-sayers! Part 2 of 2

I believe that most of us will not change our bad behavior until we reach the bottom. The thief on the cross certainly was at “rock bottom”. Until you hurt really badly, you won’t change your destructive behavior. Your arrogance and selfishness simply will stop-up your ears; it will be impossible for you to listen to the advice of others, even those that love you the most. It is your arrogance and your inward self-focusing that blocks seeing the truth; you will only see the mask you created for yourself. It is all fake! It is a fairy tale; dangerous and destructive “make believe”.

You can tell a child not to touch the hot burner on top of the stove twenty-billion times, but until that child actually touches the stove and burns his finger, he won’t believe you. It is painful for the loving parent to see (and hear) her child burn their finger on a hot stove, but sometimes you must stop protecting and allow the child to find out for themselves. We are hurting our children by propping them up all the time…”helicopter parenting”. Everyone gets a trophy. We are hurting those in our nation’s welfare system by over-protecting them and rewarding their destructive behavior in the name of compassion. I love my wife; she loves me. She must have told me a billion times to stop getting drunk. Though only a couple of times a year, it is easy for me to weakly say, “I will quit”. How many times does she have to hear the same dumb excuses? So, one night 30 years ago, she stopped propping me up and let me fall hard. I hit rock bottom and it was very painful.

I needed the pain to change for the better, and I did change. It was the only way to break bad habits. It was the only way to see real truth; the truth of a hot stove. My wife did a very loving thing, though hard on her, by letting me fall. Don’t think for a moment that the action my wife took was easy for her; how wrong you would be. No one wants to see another fall, especially one you have given your covenant vows to love and cherish. My life is so much better now. I as noted earlier, the fall was so hard that I would never ever go back to that same dark place again. I have found new light and a new life! We do have choices…what are you going to do?


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