Understanding the concept of time and the nature of the “now” is critical to understanding many of the so-called contradictions found in the Bible.

Scientist tell us that an instant at which all known laws of science break down and none of the known definitions of reality hold true anymore is called a “singularity”. The Big Bang is a singularity at which time itself began. That doesn’t mean there was nothing before the Big Bang; it simply means the dimension we know of as Time did not exist in its present form before the Big Bang. This was fine for the Catholic Church, who in 1951 pronounced the Big Bang was in accordance with the teachings in the Bible. The Big Bang fits just fine with God as our Creator; if you disagree it is because you don’t understand the Big Bang from a Christian point of view. Creation ex nihilo.

So, if the dimension of time was nonexistent as we know it before the Big Bang, what was there? “Now” was there. A word we use all the time, yet few understand its true meaning. “Now” is that point that is neither present nor past nor future. It is a point that does exist in a multidimensional Universe; but a point whereby you can infinitely subtract any piece of time from, no matter how small the unit of measure. The interesting thing is, now is where we are. I am not in the past, nor am I in the future. You say I am in the “present”. What is the present? Is it “now”? What separates the present from the past or the future? Is it an hour? A minute? Is a second enough time to separate present from past or future? No matter how small the unit of measure, I can either add or subtract a smaller unit of measure from the point I call “present”, and then the “present” would no longer be the same!

Many outside the Church are erroneously critical of the Bible claiming contradictions; there are none! Understanding this concept of time and the nature of the “now” is critical to understanding many of the so-called contradictions found in the Bible. Churches spring up around one set of verse and then fight to defend their position. As I previously said, people first decide what they want to believe in and then they construct the arguments to defend that position. My point for wanting you to get a grip on what time is all about and the nature of the “now” is that once you understand these fundamentals, you’ll begin to see that Bible verses that seem on the surface to contradict are actually all true at the same time. I will present an example in my next post.

In the “now”, with no movement in time, the beginning and the end are the same moment. Strange I know. This is the nature of dimensions of reality that we cannot understand because of our limitations; faith is indeed required. We know in part and prophesy in part (1 Cor. 13:9). But look at this way, if we Christians, confessing our faith and belief in Christ Jesus, can relax a little knowing that we are limited in our ability to understand dimensions beyond three. If we can accept that the many seemingly contradictory verses are all indeed correct at the same time. We would then be much more loving toward each other. Isn’t that what Jesus asked us to do?

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