What is Wrong with Divine Intervention?

Here we are at another Christmas; we have some thinking Santa Claus and some thinking the birth of Jesus Christ. Many don’t believe in Jesus and many more don’t believe in the virgin birth. To those I say, how small is your God! My God created the whole Universe…one virgin birth is no big deal…unless…it is also the Incarnation; Emanuel, God with us! Divine intervention to become the Savior of all those who believe in His name!

Throughout history people have rejected the idea that time had a beginning. It would have to be Divine intervention, they would say…so, what’s wrong with that, I would have to say? Everybody out there is searching for meaning in life and it is right in front of them all along. Just like the Pharisees of old who could not (or would not) see the Messiah before them, many people don’t allow themselves the answer that is before them. What is wrong with Divine intervention? I guess if you do not have any room for the miraculous or believe in the Divine, then you are sure to form some heartburn over the idea. For me, I’d rather think of my life as planned out of love by an omnipotent Creator than to think I simply evolved from slime or an ape. Pardon my slight diversion, what is in it for these guys to argue you evolved from slime? Certainly truth has nothing to do with it. Back on track, to be a part of a grand plan is wonderful; we are created in the image of God! The Bible says (Ephesians 2:10) we are God’s “workmanship”; His “poema”…His “poetry”! We have great paintings in our museums created by the intervention of the artist’s hand. We have glorious works of architecture molded by the intervention of the architect. We have a Universe that transcends any imagination that was created by Divine purpose, planning, and intervention. It is right there before you; it is my hope that this book will awaken the sleeper within you.

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