Distortion for Affect…Where is Truth?

Distortion of the truth has been with us since Adam blamed Eve and Eve blamed the snake, but that doesn’t justify the use of distortion by any means. History books still don’t acknowledge that free black men fought in the Confederate Army, obviously not to keep slavery in vogue, but because their state was under attack by the federal government. Blacks distort the truth blaming whites for slavery while ignoring all the blacks that also participated in the sin of buying and selling people. Distortions! Universities have become indoctrination centers instead of centers of diverse thought and discovery. Don’t believe me? Just try to hold a lecture to present a politically-incorrect apposing viewpoint and see what happens. Major news networks distort the national news to fit their politics with truth nowhere to be found. As ABC did in the Aurora, Colorado shootings as they jumped to conclusions saying the shooter was a Tea Party member, all borne out of their hatred for those patriots. This is not journalism and it sure isn’t the truth of fertile ground. Trees that sway in the winds of personal agendas are puffed-up and not permanent. “Marshmallow trees” I call them; they have no solid integrity, no strong roots. Will a tree in this type of ground survive the destructive winds of hate; winds as strong as any found in Oklahoma’s “tornado alley”? The winds of persecution, envy and hate have been around since Cain slew Able. Do you see the contrast I am trying to present here? To not have roots in the fertile ground is to ultimately grow distorted, shallow and pushed around by the mob of the culture. How sad is that!

What is not a distortion is the truth found in the Bible. The Bible is true; Jesus Christ is indeed the Logos, the very Word of God (John 1:1). The proof is all around you if you have eyes to see it. You are, of course, free to reject it, but you are not free to distort it. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is the only fertile ground into which to plant your tree; the only ground to develop strong truthful roots. Anything else is just regular ground or rocky ground thus providing the poor nourishment so widely seen in our culture today. The next time you experience the lies coming out of Washington D.C., the hate found on nearly every college campus, the rejection of diverse ideas and speech, just remember that these people are the real distortions within our society. Trees with no roots. I wish to show a whole different path to goodness and salvation…to become “A Different Kind of Tree“.

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