America’s Foundation – The Good, The Bad, and…

NBC Nightly News on September 27, 2011 presented a story by Anne Thompson about a sixteen year old boy in Rogers, Arkansas who played in a high school band. No big deal so far, there are thousands of teenagers playing in high school bands, right? How about a grandmother who bought her grandson a trumpet? Still not a big deal, I guess, so how about a grandmother soon to die of cancer, dealing with hospice, and making her last wish? She was Martie Barret, 85, and her grandson was Anthony Barret; her last wish was to hear her grandson play his trumpet along with the rest of the band. This is now getting interesting. About the time you think all teenagers are selfish lazy bums, a story like this shows that many have good roots in fertile soil. Anthony and his father arranged for the whole 120-piece band to show up in the front lawn of an 85 year woman and provide her last concert wish. Now I don’t have a clue of the faith of Anthony or his dad, but I have an idea; what I can see, however, are people with roots taking in good nourishment.

The United States of America started on a firm foundation, but we have had many chipping away at that foundation to a point where the building [America] is developing cracks. If the socialist and activist judges continue to chip away at the country’s foundation, the Constitution, America will indeed fall. The Constitution is not some “living document”; it is foundational. You cannot build a building by constantly altering the foundation. The country is on the fast-track to remove God and Christianity from the public square; it will be to our doom. You have heard said that no one can beat the United States from outside; the only way it will fall is from attacks from within. Friends, here it is…happening right now, slow like a cancer and just as deadly. Refuse to believe and be that frog in the hot water.

Rod Gragg is the author of “Forged in Faith: How Faith Shaped the Birth of the Nation, 1607-1776”, published by Howard Books in June of 2010. On May 25, 2010 Mr. Gragg wrote a series of thought provocative questions:

“What would America’s founders say about the constant challenges to traditional expressions of faith in our contemporary culture? How would they view a court ruling opposing national days of prayer? Legal attempts to tear down a memorial cross at a veterans’ cemetery? Bans against Christmas time manger scenes at local fire stations? Attempts to prohibit senior citizens from saying grace over meals paid for by their tax dollars? What would they react upon learning that posting the Ten Commandments in a public school is now a criminal act?”

We are losing our foundation as a country. A tree with no roots soon falls over; faster when the winds blow against it.

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