What? You DON’T believe in Miracles? How limited you are!

Albert Einstein used to read a book called “Flatland” by Edwin A. Abbott19 every year, simply to break out of normative thinking. It is a book about dimensions and getting us to think about the possibilities that exist when you move from one set of dimensions to another set. It goes this way. A three-dimensional man finds himself in a land of only two dimensions, called Flatland. In Flatland, there is no height; no third dimension. Think about it…in Flatland, if you were to draw a line, how would you know what it was and how would you get over it? You could go around it, but you could not “step” over it. So what would happen if a three-dimensional man were to come up to that line in Flatland? He could simply step over it and all the residents in Flatland would cry out “Miracle Miracle”. Also in Flatland, the people would only be able to see the line of contact with the ground of Flatland from the three-dimensional man. In other words, the existence of the man to the residents in Flatland is only known as the bottom line of the man’s feet as they touch the ground; it would form only a single line. In stepping over the line, the three-dimensional man, picking his foot up, would have appeared to have vanished. What happens if the man simply takes a step or jumps up? To the residents of Flatland, the man would have also vanished! Miracle! Miracle! We would, of course, say the man didn’t vanish; he simply took advantage of another dimension the residents of Flatland didn’t understand or realize. Since the residents in Flatland cannot go over that line you drew, and so must go around the barrier. Our three-dimensional man comes up to the line, and while his two-dimensional buddies work their way around the line, he steps over it. Miracle! Miracle! Cry out the residents; how did he do that? One moment he was on one side of the barrier, and then the next moment he showed up on the other side, why it’s a miracle! The book is full of interesting thought-provoking issues, such as, the residents of Flatland are two-dimensional shapes; how do you recognize anybody in Flatland where shapes all appear as a line?

One must then, as Einstein did, ask what are the possibilities for miracles to happen in a multidimensional Universe? We three-dimensional beings are as limited as those two-dimensional residents in Flatland! What then are the possibilities for a multidimensional omnipotent God, which created all things including time itself, to do amazing miraculous things? I know a Jesus that walked in to that locked upper room…walking right through walls…no big deal for a multidimensional God…just like stepping over that line in Flatland. If you are one of those people who do not believe in miracles, I would have to say you simply do not understand the ease of “miracles” in a multidimensional Universe and you suffer over the limits of our limited 3D perspective.

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