Diversity? Not Anymore when Dealing with Honor or Thought in America

Kathryn Jean Lopez, editor of National Review Online, wrote an article entitled “The Great Restoration”, published on September 5, 2010. It summarized a grand event, so harshly criticized by the left, called “Restoring Honor” which was held on the National Mall in Washington D.C. How any one could be against “restoring honor” in Washington D.C. is completely beyond any basic level of elementary understanding. Discussing the rally’s aftermath, Ms. Lopez quotes author and radio host, Mark Levin, as saying:

“Any society that is not rooted in God-given natural law is a society that will ultimately destroy itself.”

This, of course, is true; any cursory review of history will show this to be the case for any society throughout all of recorded time.

God and only God will provide the fertile ground; the more we remove God, the more our ground will become stale and then eventually void of any nourishment. The Restoring Honor Rally was about getting back to our Christian Founding Father’s Roots for our country; it was a noble and successful effort. The bad guys didn’t listen and fervently condemned the Rally; like a hateful cancer, they ran full-bore on their own power agenda, not willing to even look into their very own heart to see the wonder within the peaceful and clean rally. Their condemnation was ignorant and shameful, truly shameful.

This “lack of honor cancer” is heavy in our colleges and universities. In the area of higher education, investigation of multiple points of view and diversity of thought use to be foundational. Now, we find a most rigid collection of liberal thought that viciously attacks any thought outside its own liberal constraints. Case in point, Mike Adams wrote an article called “The Christian Gene”, published August 6, 2010, which told the real-life story of a Christian student at Augusta State University who was “told that she must change her Christian beliefs in order to graduate from the government-funded counseling program”. Adams writes:

[she] “…was peacefully pursuing her master’s degree in counseling. But, recently, her professors learned of her biblical beliefs, specifically her views on homosexual conduct, from both classroom discussions and by investigating private conversations with other students. They later decided to impose the re-education plan [underline added]. There is no accusation that [she] ever denigrated anyone in communicating her beliefs…Augusta State ordered [her] to undergo a government re-education plan, which involves “diversity sensitivity training,” additional remedial reading, and additional papers to describe the re-education program’s impact on her beliefs…But if she does not change her beliefs or agree to the plan, the university says it will expel her from the Counselor Education Program.”

Is this really happening, a “government re-education program” in America? The university demands with threats “diversity sensitivity training”? Have we awakened in the mid 1930’s in Hitler’s Germany? How about a university where there is diversity of thought? What a novel idea that must be…there is no fertile ground on our college campuses anymore!

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