If Only We Could All Learn This “Family Way” of Real Brotherhood!

Marcus Luttrell, who wrote the book “Lone Survivor” with Patrick Robinson. I highly recommend that you read this book which will keep you on the edge of your seat concerning the two inter-locking stories…one in Afghanistan near the Pakistan border and one in Texas at the Luttrell ranch. Marcus, along with 3 of his “brothers” from Seal Team 10 find themselves alone and behind Taliban lines, out numbered 50 to 1. They make life and death decisions often by thinking how it would look back in America! Are you kidding me? These Seals know how ridiculous the mainstream media can be; how fast the media is to condemn our own brave men & women. They know how the blow-hard politicians use events to push their own personal agendas. To worry about how any of these unimportant people back in the States will react to your split-second decisions as you are being hunted down by a determined enemy, outnumbered 50 to 1, bullets and bombs all around you, blood pouring from your multiple gun-shot wounds, no water; it truly takes an extremely outstanding person. What an absolute shame how our armed forces are often treated! Our soldiers should never have to go through this nightmare; put yourself in their shoes, could you do the same? How would you react if you were in the same setting? Yet, these four Seals show great compassion for the innocent Afghans as they also try to save one another. They show compassion to any non-combatants encountered. They are made of amazing metal.

As they all get shot-up, they can only think of saving their “brothers”; what kind of family is this? Talk about your tree being in fertile ground, we should all take note. Back here in the States we have great in-fighting within real blood-families that should be loving one another. We have churches fighting churches. We have people with a cross around their neck dishing out hate. The Seals give their life for one another, as Jesus did for us. We have Jesus’ words as told by John in Chapter 15 verse 13, “Greater love has no one than this, that someone lay down his life for his friends”. The words of Jesus are firmly tattooed on their hearts.

We saw this “fight for your brother” played out in Benghazi where Marines went to save those calling for help, only to be criticized for not standing down as the milk-toast politicians had ordered as they lied to all of us about some non-existent video being the fault of the uprising. What does it matter? Ask the family members who lost their loved ones. These Seals and Marines, unbelievable Americans all, regardless of race or background, live this “family way”; yet our media and government are quick to condemn them for some minor snap decision made under extreme fire; it is this worry about what idiots will say halfway around the world that causes the four of Seal Team 10 to hesitate for one brief moment thus throwing them into an intense deadly situation where only one barely survives. The story back in Texas echoes the same attitudes and feelings; the only difference is the lack of blood, bullets and bombs. In Texas strangers came together with family to hold the prayer vigil. Miracles happen. The world would be a better place if we could all learn this “family way” of real brotherhood!

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