The Poor Long Term Outlook for Our Once Christian Nation…if We Don't Turn Around Soon

The “Emergent Church” movement is about just getting along. No doctrine, because “we don’t really know what it means” they say. They take no position on anything, because “we may be wrong or right” or…heck, “we just don’t know if we are right or not.” The Emergent Church believes God is a loving God, so therefore He would never judge anyone harshly. I wonder what the Emergent Church does with Amos 4:6-13? God is indeed a loving God, but what a pile of garbage about His lack of judgment! There is one God, a God of both Testaments; you don’t get to pick either the Old Testament or the New Testament to follow. It all goes together.

The growth of the Emergent Church is just a reflection of our pluralistic culture that has bought into the easy cop-out convenience of believing there are no absolutes. People want to believe there is neither absolute right nor any absolute wrong; everything is relative. How easy! Now you can setup your own definitions in what you choose to believe. Hey, this way you purport, everyone can be right and the fiction of decision between right and wrong goes away. After all, who is to say you are right or that I am right? How utterly wrong they are! Will you bet your soul on a worldly fabrication? See how important the Bible is now? It is indeed, foundational. The more you mess with the Bible, the more you twist the Bible into your own limited belief system, the more the world foundations will crumble. A time of crumbling foundations is definitely upon us!

Fabrication and a rejection of absolutes will work for a world where truth doesn’t matter anymore; heck, why take a position if you don’t have to? This progressive attitude has distorted positions so that now it is believed that no one person should become offended by any other one person on the whole planet, therefore anything and everything goes. This creates the false illusion that all positions are correct. Many will subscribe to the belief that you can believe what you want to, because I’m not sure what I believe in and what I believe in may not be right anyway…so you just believe what you want to and we all will end up at the same place anyway. What baloney all this is! Please don’t follow the heresy of the Emergent Church, it will lead to harsh judgment (Rev. 3:15+16) whether you like it or not. God is sovereign!

January 25, 2010 in his syndicated column, Mike Adams wrote about two college of religion professors, quoting one as saying:

“I don’t know whether there is a God and, by the way, I am blissful about my ignorance.”

The other professor, it was reported, attacks Christianity in this so-called University College of Religion by teaching from such nasty books as authored by Christopher Hitchens and Richard Dawkins. Adams’ article is about only one university, but I have read about many others teaching false doctrine. What do you suppose the long term outlook will be for our once “Christian Nation” when its young people come of leadership age having grown up on a complete lack of structure, gross ignorance, and lies?

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