Where is America going? Answer, down the road to destruction I fear!

We have a vile ugly movie making the top box office position for the last 3 weeks, “Straight Outta Compton”. Our common speech is peppered with profanity, the degradation of women, and anarchy. We have the “Black Lives Matter” group hatefully protesting politicians achieving little impact, all the while tax payer funded Planned Parenthood is murdering tens of thousands of black babies every year and few raise an eyebrow. Many will scribe to the false notion that a baby in the womb is not alive; friends there is only one difference between the baby in the womb and you and me…the air going in and out of our lungs! All other body systems are functioning as if the baby was out of the womb. If the baby is nothing more than a fetus as some will believe, then how come a person who kills a pregnant woman gets charged with two murders?

Farrakhan calls for killing police officers and white people (he should re-read Romans 1:29-31), congregations cheer him on, and nobody lifts a finger to say this is wrong. Where are the real Christian ministers to stand up and proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ? Are we afraid the culture won’t sit in our pews and that they won’t like us? Newsflash…the culture already doesn’t like us! Why are some churches embracing gay marriage which goes straight against God’s Marriage Covenant ordained with the every first man and woman? Shall we ignore God’s Truth in order to be inclusive? I say we can hold to Biblical Truth and love the sinners…it is what Jesus did.

With 46 Bible verses stating adultery is a sin, we have websites that celebrate adultery, an entertainment industry full of it, and a past adulterous president making millions in speaking engagements. I know adultery has been around since dirt, but I wouldn’t wake across the street with a free ticket to hear him speak.

Where have morals gone? Where has our integrity gone? Where has our sense of right and wrong gone?

We are kicking God out of America as fast as we can, and replacing Him with diversity and relativism, which destroys a once solid foundation. Universities are not about freedom of thought to explore and think; they are now indoctrination centers. Some universities will actually fail a person for using the most appropriate word for a law breaker, illegal, as the indoctrination center’s PC police are forcing their word “undocumented” down a student’s throat. Tax payer funded “Teach for America” is now promoting destructive anti-police protest in the streets of our cities, which can only lead toward anarchy.

It is impossible to have a nation of 300 million people and demand and force conduct so to not offend a single person. This is a setup for government control of the people. The most evil dictators in history all slowly worked to achieve ultimate control over the people or they simply killed off the millions they didn’t like.

Wake up and ask, where is America going? I fear it is the wide and crowded road to destruction. For me and my family, we will enter through the narrow gate; it is the only way to peace and salvation. Dr. Ben Carson said it right, “The heart of the matter is the heart, the heart and soul of people.” For me, not every step is perfect but I will l at least try…let’s start off by reading 1 Peter 3 8-14…pray and show love.

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