The Sin of "Man-Made Climate Change" Thinking – Part 3, It Is About Control Over People!

Despite all the decades of so-called scientific alarmists spouting the on-coming dangers if we don’t change our ways, nothing has ever come to pass…no raising oceans, no ice ages. The broadcasts of global warming circled the planet and blamed everything on the warming…problem was…there was never any warming. The “science” was only computer modeling, and as we all know “garbage in – garbage out”. When the false science was exposed, the broadcasts of doom changed to “climate change”. The problem now was that term didn’t blame mankind to whom they wanted to place blame. When you blame someone for an action, then you can control that person…this is the true goal of the liberals, control of the masses. The term was changed to “man-made climate change.” Dumb-down the population, remove common sense, and make all things relative, and now you have a setting whereby lazy people will accept stupid ideas. Man-made climate change reeks of absolutely zero common sense; anyone with half a brain should be able to reason through this to realize it to be completely without any merit whatsoever!

I only need one example, though there have been hundreds since we have been recording history. The Native Americans called it “Smoking Mountain”; we call it Mt. Saint Helens. There was a major eruption in 1800, and minor eruptions in 1898, 1903, and 1932; but through all this the mountain was a beautiful scenic peaceful area; that is until 1980. A huge eruption, like thousands before since the world was formed, blew the top 1300 vertical feet off the summit. The direct blast covered 230 square miles and blew 540 million tons of ash 12 miles into the air. How can that be equaled by all the industry on the planet, all the cow farts on the planet, all the lawn mowers and cars on the planet? Today…Mt. Saint Helens has recovered as it always has…on its own…because all of nature is created by God, and God said it was good. All of mankind on the planet together does not have a power to equal the blast of the 1980 Mt. Saint Helens eruption to instill global climate change. The belief that mankind is that powerful is to make him like God.

The environmental extremists have re-created a gnostic form of religion. The environmental movement, now its own religion, is one whose roots are firmly planted in ancient gnosis that set the Creator-God as being evil and at best incompetent. By removing God from being Creator of all creation, one could now focus on knowledge as being the saving act. You see, if you believe the world is evil then it was the result of being formed by an evil God; for the Gnostic it was material things that were evil, but it is their personal knowledge that would be the saving power. The environmental scientists don’t need facts anymore, all they need is their knowledge to computer model the future of the planet.

Philip Lee writes in “Against The Protestant Gnostics”, on page 16, “The fundamental problem between biblical faith and gnostic faith begins with two different world views. Biblical faith insists that the Creation is well made. Christianity affirms with Judaism that ‘in the beginning God created the heavens and the earth…God saw everything that He had made, and behold, it was very good.’” Continuing, Lee writes, “…Gnosticism simply cannot endorse that positive vision of the Creation.” This is why liberals fight against any idea of God Creation, and so grossly endorse evolution as the prime mover. Lee continues saying, “The basic issue is clear: Gnosticism must deny any direct link between the Creation and God.”

Here is where the environmental religion becomes the evil force; instead of preaching that we should all be good stewards of God’s creation (something I firmly endorse and practice), the environmental extremists first take God out of the picture with the false doctrine of evolution, then they empower themselves in believing they can manipulate God’s creation thus making themselves equal to God. It is pantheistic at best!

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