The Sin of "Man-Made Climate Change" Thinking – Part 2, YOU are NOT God!

In Part One of this string of 3 posts, I mentioned facts about how we are indeed “works of art”…we are God’s “poem”…the best words in the best order is a poem, that is what we are. Because we are loved so much by God, to be so wonderfully created (Ps. 139:14), that we have also been given a gift of choice to accept or reject the God that created you. There is actually a great deal of love in this gift of choice, for what lover would put his beloved in chains, to be a puppet, to control every action and thought? There are no strings on you! You are not in prison chains…you can decide what to believe, wrong or otherwise.

So, you are free to reject God even though the blood of Jesus Christ redeemed you (paid the price for your sins), you can reject His divinity, and His being sovereign over all. You are free to become your own god. Become your own god? Yes, that is exactly what you are doing when you believe you can control the natural forces on Earth…that YOU believe YOU can affect the whole planet in some manner. How arrogant of you to believe such nonsense! For to have such a belief of global impact is to place yourself above all nature…to make yourself as powerful as God. If you are having trouble with this line of thinking, it shall become clear in Part 3 of this series of posts.

Everyone wants to believe they are important, that they have value and can contribute something to the “Play of Life on Planet Earth”. As Robin Williams said to the boys in “Dead Poet’s Society”, what will your one verse be? I am no different. That is why I write these posts on two blogs, write articles and books, I care. I don’t advertise. I don’t make any money. I care to reach out to others as a teacher because I feel called to do so. As you can with God, you are free to reject what I have say, but I only ask one thing of you. Put aside your pre-conceived notions and at least ponder briefly on the truth I wish to share with you. Only for this one reason – one day you will be asked to give an account of your life…what will you say?

Will you confess to following a lie at the expense of human lives? Will you arrogantly say that I have so much affect on the world that I could melt global ice caps? In fact, I am so important I can actually make one ice cap shrink and make the other one grow! Wow! If true, I could only say…You must be God to do that!

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