The Sin of "Man-Made Climate Change" Thinking – Part 1, Setting the Stage

Karl Barth said, “Knowledge is real solely through God’s revelation.” When you think about the meaning of God the Creator, and the story of Creation, as told in the Bible, one must first believe in God to understand and believe what has been written. This is no shallow truth we are talking about; how many “truths” do you know about that have withstood numerous tests over 3000 years? Let’s first look at how we believe in what we each call our own “truth”. We first “decide to believe” in something, then we setup arguments to support our decisions, so our beliefs then become our truths. The atheist first decides that God does not exist, and then sets his arguments to backup that “fact” (as he sees it), all the while ignoring the “messy” physical truths all around him that easily prove that God does exist. And the person that doesn’t believe in God, yet believes in the devil as the supreme power in the Universe, builds his own arguments to fit his beliefs. Admitting the devil was thrown out of heaven and rules over the Earth, they ignore the fact that an even a higher power threw the devil out of heaven in the first place thus having the greater power.

The Creator’s work (the creation) can be understood when you first get some knowledge of the Creator. We see this when we view art and architecture; a better understanding is realized after you first get an understanding of the artist or architect. A great portion of the book, I Am, the Great Creator God, is dedicated toward showing you the reality of God’s Creation. The whole Universe was created by this loving God, and that the Universe did not come into being because some particles of space dust decided to colligate into a planet on their own. To believe some physical law just happened to be there at the right time to do its magic, working by happenstance, is ridiculous. Why would a star, all by itself, decide to blow up to create more debris to make more objects in the Universe? It just does not work that way; there is a Creator’s hand involved.

Karl Barth said:

“It is assuredly a basic error to speak of creation myths. At best a myth may be a parallel to exact science; that is, a myth has to do with viewing what has always existed and will exist. A myth has to do with the mighty problem that at all times propounds itself to man and therefore is timeless, the problem of life and death, of sleep and wakening, of birth and dying, of morning and evening, of day and night, and so on. These are the themes of myth. Myth considers the world as it were from its frontier, but always the world which already exists. There is no creation myth because creation as such is simply not accessible to myth. The Bible speaks in Genesis 1 and 2 of events which lie outside of our historical knowledge. But it speaks upon the basis of knowledge, which is related to history. In fact, the wonderful thing about the biblical creation narratives is that they stand in strict connection with the history of Israel and so with the story of God’s action in the covenant with man. Knowledge of creation IS knowledge of God and consequently knowledge of faith in the deepest and ultimate sense.” (underline added) (Dogmatics in Outline, p. 51)

In summary, when viewed carefully, one cannot gaze on a Wood Duck, a snowflake, a Peacock’s tail, an Atlantic Sundial or a Chambered Nautilus shell, or the human body machine and not see a most unbelievable design. Couple what you physically see with the three Laws of Thermodynamics, and you simply must come to the conclusion that all that is…is God created. It is not happenstance. It is not by some evolutionary engine that things simply “become”. God is a wonderfully creative creator; and we are each an individual creation, intimately created out of love as an individual “work of art”.

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