Why All the Talk on Climate Change & Global Warming?

This past week was difficult for weather forecasters looking at New York. Strange, things didn’t work out like they thought it would. Sure weather shifts around and often becomes worse or better than the forecasters first thought. Try looking one hundred years out why would anyone in their right mind think that they could do so? Fueled by arrogance, many have tried.

I pray for common sense to return to our world. One look into history knows that the climate has ALWAYS changed with absolutely ZERO impact from mankind. Cities with pollution are strictly local events for the world easily tolerates worldwide pollution circling the globe in a few days from massive volcanic events such as the Mt. Saint Helens explosion. It is the very height of arrogance to think that mankind has any global impact. This is humanism on steroids! The Bible tells us to be good stewards of God’s creation; this I will always promote! But, to think that mankind impacts global weather, the raising and falling of oceans, and building up or reduction of the ice caps is nothing more than mankind wanting to be God. Do you really think that God would create a perfect universe and a perfect world that was so delicate that mankind could really destroy it? How arrogant! How humanist!

I wrote an article in October of 2009. It still fits today as much as ever. I invite you to read, “The Sin of Environmentalism“. We are directing massive resources to a nonexistent problem, all the while literally ignoring the plight of children in Africa. Have you forgotten the 200 young girls stolen from grieving parents to be sex-slaves to evil men? Christians world-wide are being persecuted at a massive scale. The evil in the world today, not a hundred years from now, is becoming much more intense, thousands are being killed. No one is being killed directly by “climate change”. If we turn our backs on our world neighbors and the innocent and focus on the arrogance of being God-like, we are indeed sinners to the Nth degree!

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