Jesus is the Bottleneck!

Last Sunday as I was teaching my adult Sunday School Class I made the comment that Jesus was THE bottleneck. I explained that people grow both horizontaly and vertically. Horizontal change can be positive or negitive change just as down is the opposite of up. Horizontal change can move in destructive ways and in constructive ways. All of us change horizontally; not all of us change vertically. A person can stay right where they are vertically, thinking that they don’t need to change, “I am fine the way I am”,…or maybe…that where they are is already the summit.

There are many today that are searching for spiritualness, to get some sort of “happy feeling” inside. They think the problems they have can be resolved by getting a different feeling. You see all the time on the various “Oprah programs” on the OWN TV network. The “Help Desk” where a stranger sits down across from the spiritual expert, and in 30 seconds their major crisis is resolved by the remarks from the spiritual expert. If it works, this is all about horizontal growth, to become a better person, to relate to others in a better fashion, to feel good inside. This will not get you to heaven. My hope is that people will change horizontally for the better. Our world is plagued with evil and selfish people. The killings that go on are NOT the fault of weapons but are the fault of evil minds. Yes, we need constructive change for the good. Being a good person, I fully endorse, but just know this does not get you into Glory with the LORD. If those “spiritual experts” never mention the name “Jesus”, then know you are dealing ONLY with horizontal perspectives.

Think of an hour-glass. The sand flows from one end to the other. The time it takes is restricted by the neck of the glass; it is, if you will, the pitch point, the neck in the bottle. All the sand must flow through this point in the hour-glass to have vertical change from one end to the other. For my example, let’s say that gravity is not in effect and that the sand can flow up from the bottom of the hour-glass to the volume at the top. For the sand in the glass, this is vertical change. For the true disciples of Jesus Christ, their change is both horizontal AND vertical. However, it is this vertical change that is being dismissed in our culture. Our culture is saying that “you” have the power within for everything; this is not true. For real change you must look outside yourself. Our culture will disintegrate more and more, the more Jesus is pulled out of it. The only way to become a new creation in Christ is to look up at the Cross and believe that Jesus Christ is your LORD and Savior. Peace and love be with you always!

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