Metaphor: You are a Tree, what Nourishment are your Roots taking in?

What do you do with another chance? If you are smart, you will not do the same dumb thing that created your last nose-dive. Oh, I had already tried that dead-end street earlier in my own life…I wasn’t smart…then. I found my roots taking hold in better ground and they were taking in some good nourishment – still not the best, but certainly good.

As tree roots perform the tasks of food acquisition and delivery to the tree trunk, they also provide the structural support to resist wind storms pushing against the tree. The roots also resist the overturning by the cantilevered weight of the branch growth of a healthy tree. As a branch grows out, it is in search for life giving light. Light is the engine that powers the tree; light is critical to a healthy tree.

A person’s roots are the same. No matter where the tree grows, your roots provide for the nourishment of the soul. It does not matter if you grow in the desert of the urban slums or the desert of an area of affluence or within the lushness in the region of a loving family.

As a tree, you are engaged in a search for light. Many seem to look for their light in all the wrong places; in other people, in sex, in drugs, a booze bottle, or their work. The true light is only found in Jesus Christ.

Roots in rocky ground produce dry blinded amoral selfishness, which most often hurts everyone. The person that comes to his or her senses will actually wish to search for something better in life. That search might just lead them to better soil to improve their growth if they stay on path. You must want to find better nourishment, and the pain of your present condition usually spawns “the want”. At some point any soil is going to be better than rocks. So now, could this so-called regular ground be the ticket to happiness and fulfillment?

One should ask, what does “regular” mean? Regular to what? Regular to a nun in an isolated convent would be grossly different from regular to a member of a street gang. Whose definition should we use for what is to be considered “regular”? Regular, according to Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary is something that is “constituted, conducted, or done in conformity with established or prescribed usages, rules or discipline.” Rats, we are back to what the culture tells us is regular; what if the culture is off track or worse yet, wrong all together? A wrong datum or benchmark produces wrong information and a grossly wrong reality.

Do we follow the majority consensus? Or do we follow in the words of Robert Frost in his poem, “The Road Less Traveled”; that is, take a different road – a less traveled road that has made all the difference? The Bible tells us that the road to hell and destruction is wide and crowded, but to find real life in Christ, you must enter the narrow gate (Matthew 7:13+14).

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