Open your eyes to see God’s wonderful design, Part 1

Butterflies! Do you take these insects for granted? How close have you ever looked at one? Do you see only flying insects from worms, or beautiful works of art? There are 140 different kinds just in Minnesota; why? Why the variety? The evolutionist would say there is “mimicry’; that is, the reason the “Monarch” and the “Viceroy” look so close to each other is because they wanted to confuse the birds. Can’t you just hear that Viceroy’s conversation? I imagine it this way: “Let’s see, I have a choice in my evolution, I can be like the “Tiger Swallowtail”…no, I saw those birds eating one of those guys the other day, but I did notice they didn’t eat that “Monarch”…that’s it, I’ll be like the “Monarch” so I’ll have a long life.” How insane the evolution argument is!

It is the design and coloring of most butterflies that impresses me; as an architect, this is available visual proof of a wonderful God designed creature. Look close, notice how accurate the mathematical designs of butterflies are; there is no serendipity here, a Masterful Designer plans these wonderful flying works of art. Why would evolution have symmetrical wing colorings? Symmetry of design is not needed for flight or survival or mate attraction. The evolutionist would have you think that coloring is for hiding, blending into your surroundings; this is true in some cases, some moths look just like tree bark, but this argument certainly does not apply with most butterflies. These same evolutionists would also have you think that brightly colored bodies are for mate attraction. I could go with that reasoning if it weren’t for the intricate details and the symmetry. Google a photo of this Black Swallowtail. Note the symmetrical faded shading toward the body and note how black the outer forward wings are, absolutely no shading at all. Note the small yellow patch (some have orange spots) in the alignment with the body axis, and how the white arcs are of equal number, size and all pointing toward the head. Can you really tell me with a straight face these “works of art” evolve over time from some lesser species? Nonsense! I invite you to look up a photo and study the detail within the circles of the “7 Circle” Butterfly, note the color shading within the wing and how the edges are detailed. Then study the “Eastern Tailed Blue” which has an outrageously wonderful blue wing that is outlined in black and then in light blue with a few balanced black and orange dots along the back edge. An evolutionary process would never add the dots to the outline. Now, study the “Buckeye” Butterfly’s wings, the coloring, the balance, the symmetry. First study the six circles, the outlining of each, the blue and the symmetry of size. On the lower wings, look for the red arcs highlighting the large circles and angled toward the insect’s head. Note the scalloped play of color banding along the trailing edge of the lower wings. Study the way the white coloring is distributed and the little dash of yellow under the upper wing’s circle. Check out the two orange black-edged bars at either side of this magnificent creature’s head. All showing a wonderful balance and symmetry; you never hear the evolutionists deal with symmetry because they can’t, and so goes their one-sided agenda. None of these design details is necessary to attract a mate, camouflage itself from predators, or otherwise help the creature to survive. So you think this is simply happenstance? Does a design of this wonderful detail just happen on its own, or is this the wonderful creation “hand-crafted” by some Master Architect? If you have been able to set aside your bias and your built-in agendas on the ridiculous blinding evolution argument to actually study these works of art, you can only arrive at one conclusion…there is no evolution going on here, only a Great Creator God at work and having unbelievable fun doing it. Yes, God definitely has fun creating; He did it and said it was good. There are numerous other designed masterpieces we can point to; I invite you to open your eyes up and look closer, much closer, closer than you normally view such things and see a wonderful world unfold. Then, why don’t you sing praises to the Author of our creation?

[For more discussion on God’s Designs, please refer to the book, I Am, the Great Creator God by Haven D. Mankin. Information about the book and how to obtain a copy is available at:]

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