As You do to the Least of These

By now most people have heard about the 200+ girls kidnapped in Nigeria. It is making big news now over the whole world (as it should), but sadly this kind of ugly stuff has been going on for decades in the countries within Africa. Many children are losing limbs due to machete violence by evil men. They are kidnapped and sold or worse, put on the front lines as the evil armies approach an innocent village, killing all…how can the villagers shoot back and not kill the children? There are a few groups helping out; one is Angels of East Africa (AOEA), founded in 1998 by Machine Gun Preacher Sam Childers, who has rescued over a thousand orphaned children from starvation, disease and enslavement by the brutal Lord’s Resistance Army. Check out their website at and help by donating to this important frontline rescue!

The current government of the Unites States has actually lost billions of dollars of cash! How can you possibility do that? The point? Are we not moved by the suffering of children caught up in tribal warfare? Are we not moved by whole villages with no water? Could we not help out with the millions and billions of dollars rather than just throwing it away? What would Jesus say of our actions or the lack thereof? In 2010 when I completed my book, “I Am, the Great Creator God”, I included an article entitled, “The Sin of Environmentalism”. You can read it for yourself at,, in the lower left corner. As a responsible steward of our God created environment, my point was how can we waste hundreds of millions of dollars for a non-event a hundred years from now when children are dying today…now…right now? We need to bring this forward some how, for one day the LORD will ask you a question…what have you done for the least of these (Matt 25:31-46)?

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