When I am 64…the Beatles’ Question

You remember the questions don’t you? Will you still need me? Will you still feed me, when I am 64? I turned 64 on January 9th; I don’t feel old, though some non-visonaries would say that I am. I don’t have to ask the questions from the Beatles because I am surrounded by people who love me…my wife, two daughters, and three grandsons. Further, I know that my LORD Jesus is always with me; I am never alone.

We have just come through another Christmas time when the real meaning of Christmas is mocked and demeaned; a time when maybe the majority of the people celebrate a jolly old fat man dressed in red and white, rather than celebrate the birth of the Savior, the Redeemer of the world. By the way, I never understood why athetists attack Christians; if we are wrong as they say we are, why not just let us flounder in our own mess? Anyway, the attacks happen and Jesus told us that the world would hate us, but take heart for the world hated Him first (John 17). Back to the jolly old fat man…St. Nick, a giving man to all people; this is not a bad image, is it? We should be giving people and look to help others; what is better than to see the joy in the face of a child? I think we need to strive for balance…balance! Jesus loved being surrounded by the children and I’m sure He laughted as they laughted. You’ve got to love a God like that. We can feed the hungry, present toys to children in hospitals, spend time with the elderly, etc. Balance, don’t over do all the gift buying, give yourself and be there for others; but above all, be thankful that your personal Savior came into the world to show you how to live and love.

How about we all take ourselves less seriously, spend some time laughting and let the wind blow our hair around without thinking I just had it fixed. Be a kid again! Laugh out loud at a cartoon as my grandson did this morning watching Micky Mouse. Be a kid again and enjoy each day of your life as a blessing from God. Be a kid again even if you are 64 or 94.

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