Aren’t we living at a strange time? Maybe every generation has said this, but I wonder. We see worldwide celebrations of the birth of a new prince, yet we turn our backs on the thousands of aborted babies every day. Paradox! We go after young Zimmerman and throw gasoline on the fires of racial-hatred when there is no racial component in the case. Why? Do the emotional marchers have another agenda? They are not looking at the facts, so they must have other motives…but why all the hatred? These mis-guided marchers cry out about the unfortunate death of one young man, while ignoring the other hundreds of black on black deaths. The liberal programs have all but destroyed the black family; we should be crying out about a much bigger picture of destruction! Those crying for peace actually seem to dispose the most hate! Paradox!

We talk about diversity and allowing all to have their view points, but just propose a view point counter to the liberal masses and see the extreme hate that follows. Paradox! The ugly obscene posts on social media; the coarse language pouring out of unlearned mouths! These so-called loving people calling for the death of someone simply because they have a different point of view? What is going on in our culture now? Of course, they would say, “we don’t really mean it…it is just talk.” Oh, really? Just talk? No, it is mob rule and it is serious. Paradox! What you say is what is in your heart, plain and simple!

We must step back and look at where we are and where we are going. Reflect on your thoughts and your speech; are these acceptable in the sight of the LORD? Would you like the same words to rain down on you? Put your brain in gear before you open your mouth. Be alert yet be at peace. Show more love and less hate; this is something we all can do. Yes, I challenge you to become “A Different Kind of Tree”; sink your roots in more fertile soil.

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